Pour Some Sugar on Me

This past week my marathon training hit a major hiccup – I came down with the stomach flu.  And it rocked my world, hard.  Fever of 102*, and other unmentionables that I’ll omit from sharing with you.  Anyway, so I was completely on track for my weekly mileage goals AND had settled into a training plan that was actually reasonable (after admitting to myself that for a first-timer I should NOT be following a training plan called “Advanced 1”) and things were going good.  I replayed my weekend over and over in my mind trying to find out how or when my super-human immune system failed (that’s a joke for those who don’t know my humor) and I just couldn’t pin point what I’d done wrong.

I think messages (or in my case, BLARING SIGNS) from God to remind us of His strength in our small lives are something to appreciate.  Right when I was feeling super human, running twenty zillion miles per week and everything else, He put me back in my place.  Where I rightly belong, might I add.

While in the midst of my involuntary “cleanse” I started thinking a lot about my diet.

I already consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but post-illness after literally having eaten nothing but soup, crackers and gatorade for 54 straight hours I somehow actually feel better than pre-illness?  Sure, I still have some lingering effects of the virus but today aside from the occasional ache and minimal appetite I actually feel really, really good.  Weird, right?

I’m not pledging to go on some crazy diet.  I already make healthy choices a lot of the time.  But how I feel right now is how I want to feel all of the time – and if that means tweaking some things then that’s what I’m going to do.

I can’t control where life takes me.  Running twenty miles today doesn’t guarantee I’ll even wake up tomorrow and it certainly didn’t keep me from getting the flu.  But I can control what I feed my body so that when it runs twenty miles it runs them strong.  So that’s what I’m going to *try* to do.

Run (and eat!) by faith,


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